Webflow Relaunch & Brand Refresh for Boiling Point

— Analysis & advice
— Brand Refresh
— Custom animations
— Website migration from Wordpress to Webflow
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We were able to redesign the website of the creative agency Siedepunkt. The aim of the relaunch was to get to the heart of the Siedepunkt brand and its creative output on the web, to create a technically flawless and SEO-optimized website and to offer the Boiling Point team an easy-to-use platform to manage their projects.

Our Approach

Together with the team, we analysed competitors and best practices in several video calls and defined the goals for the relaunch. Based on the existing content, we created the designs in Figma after the analysis phase and made initial considerations for the animations.

Project details

Siedepunkt creative agency

What the customer says

"Our website is our business card and should radiate the creative and agile spirit of our agency. Malte and Toby understood this right from the start.The close and flexible collaboration during the project was characterized by maximum transparency, goal-oriented advice and creative freedom on both sides.

If you are looking for a reliable partner who plays Champions League in terms of expertise and humanity, Kirch & Kriewald is the best choice."

Marco Hussels

Marco Hussels

Siedepunkt.de Home Desktop

Our services

  • Analysis & advice
  • Brand Refresh
  • UI & UX design
  • Webflow design implementation
  • Custom animations
  • Site migration from Wordpress to Webflow
  • SEO on-page optimizations

Website Relaunch

Home page before relaunch

Startseite vor dem Relaunch

Home page after relaunch

Webflow Design Relaunch whereversimWebflow Design Relaunch whereversim

Analysis & consulting

It all began with a thorough analysis of the existing website and the agency's goals at Siedepunkt. Clear objectives for the relaunch were defined in close cooperation with the client.

Brand Refresh

In order to sharpen the agency's brand on the web, we revised the design to make it more modern and coherent. The existing identity was taken up and developed further in a contemporary way.

UI & UX Design

The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design has been redesigned to maximize usability and showcase the agency's core services in the best possible way. The new design aims to capture the essence of Siedepunkt 's creative approach while providing visitors with a seamless navigation experience.

Webflow design implementation

Based on the new design, the website was developed in Webflow. To enable Siedepunkt to publish new case studies independently, we created a modular structure for the pages and trained the team in the use of Webflow.

Individuelle Animationen

To increase user interactivity and engagement, we integrated custom animations throughout the website. These animations not only improve the aesthetic quality of the website, but also provide users with an unforgettable experience.

Website migration from Wordpress to Webflow

The existing WordPress website was successfully migrated to Webflow, with all content and functions being seamlessly transferred.

Mobile View

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Projects overview Siedepunkt.de
Footer Siedepunkt.de
Projects detail Siedepunkt.de
Project detail H1 Siedepunkt.de

Goals of the relaunch

Focusing the content & sharpening the brand

In order to convey the expertise of Siedepunkt to potential customers more quickly, we have emphasized the actual core services. With our refreshed brand identity and modern design elements, we convey a distinctive and contemporary image that leaves a lasting impression on customers and prospects.

Administration & maintenance of the website

The team at Siedepunkt can easily update and manage the projects so that the website is always up to date. Thanks to the training, Siedepunkt is now able to maintain the website itself and publish case studies. This leads to more flexibility and efficiency in presenting the work and opening up new business opportunities.

Technically flawless website & SEO optimization

The new website is built on a solid foundation and ensures optimal performance and visibility in search engines. This improves the online presence, which leads to a higher number of potential customers and increases organic traffic.

Relaunch Projekte Übersicht Siedepunkt.de

No-Code Tools which we used in the project

Cookie Script Logo
Cookie Script

Compliant and high-performance GDPR implementation with CookieScript

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