Webflow CMS relaunch for Philip Kistner

— Webflow design
— Webflow CMS
— Individual database development
— Features: multi-filter, wishlisting & multilingualism
— Core Web Vitals optimization
— Website migration from Wordpress to Webflow
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We experience most buildings through pictures - without ever having visited them.

Philip Kistner is a professional and independent architectural photographer from Düsseldorf. He has been working for national and international offices since 2008. Photography brings architecture to life all over the world - Philip Kistner conveys this experience with his work. In addition to presenting his impressive images, Philip Kistner provides visitors to his site with a high level of added value in terms of in-depth knowledge on the subject of architectural photography.

The website was revised in terms of content and technology and implemented in Webflow. In addition to the multilingualism of the website and the structure of the CMS, another challenge was the individual development of a database for architectural photography.

Project details

Philip Kistner
Philip Kistner

Relaunch philipkistner.com with the Webflow CMS

Our customer Philip Kistner took the relaunch of his website as an opportunity to switch to the modern and flexible Webflow CMS. Based on the layout by Julian Henschel, we implemented the website in Webflow. In the process, the performance was improved enormously compared to the old site, which was created in Wordpress. The user can find his way around optimally on mobile and desktop and stays longer on the page, which offers an added value through informative and target group relevant text contributions in addition to image content. The Webflow CMS offers our customer flexible options for writing new articles and integrating new photos.

Architectural Photography Home Desktop - Philip Kistner

Website relaunch services

Knowledge overview page

Knowledge Desktop overview page - Philip Kistner

Magazine detail page

Magazine Desktop detail page - Philip Kistner

Mobile View

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Request page - Philip Kistner - Mobile

Philip Kistner enquiry page

Overview page - Knowledge - Philip Kistner - Mobile

Knowledge overview page

Teaser knowledge - Philip Kistner - Mobile

Teaser knowledge

Magazine overview - Philip Kistner - Mobile

Magazine overview page

What the customer says

"As an architectural photographer, my website is the most important communication tool. It goes without saying that you need a good and reliable partner for this important topic.

With Malte and Toby I have finally found this - after a long search. The two of them deliver substantially good work, contribute their own ideas and are two likeable team players. Thank you for our cooperation!"

Philip Kistner

Philip Kistner

Optimization Core Web Vitals for philipkistner.com

Mobile page speed before relaunch

Based on a Wordpress CMS

Google Page Speed - vor dem Relaunch

Mobile page speed after the relaunch

Based on a Webflow CMS

Google Page Speed Optimierung

Architectural Communications Directory

Philip Kistner has compiled an extensive directory on the subject of architectural photography and architectural communication on his website and makes it available to his visitors free of charge. The database of the directory was designed by us and implemented in Webflow. In addition to the full text search, it is possible to filter the appropriate results using the multi-filter selection. The pagination helps to keep the overview. A special feature is the integrated watch list, with the help of which the user can create a clear and individual list of favorites.

Architekturfotografie Startseite Desktop - Philip Kistner

Special Features

  • Custom Webflow CMS development
  • On-page full text search
  • Multi-filter
  • Pagination
  • Wishlisting

No-Code Tools which we used in the project

Cookie Script Logo
Cookie Script

Compliant and high-performance GDPR implementation with CookieScript

Jetboost logo

Multivariate filters and wishlisting with Jetboost

Mailchimp logo

Email marketing
with Mailchimp

Weglot logo

with Weglot

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